Photographer Sandy Bell

A little about me...

I'm a full time, freelance multidisciplinary creative with an entrepreneurial spirit, I think details matter and I love to collaborate.

I have years of experience in the hospitality and design industries and while I enjoyed my work as an adventure lodge owner, graphic designer and property stager, I feel most at home behind the lens of my camera. My love of photography began way back, when I moved to the Rocky Mountains and those incredible landscapes.

Today, it's the art created by architects, builders and designers that I focus my attention on, although I still enjoy capturing people in portraits and headshots. That work can be seen here.

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is the art of capturing light, structure, beauty and emotion as intended by the architect, builder or designer. The images must be both accurate and aesthetically pleasing to the viewer.

It is my job (and pleasure) to capture the work of my clients. My demand for quality is the same as yours and my photographs will shine in your portfolio, marketing materials and Georgie and Ovation Award entries.

To achieve this, images must be created. As I mentioned above, light is the major element to be considered and scheduling the shoot for the right ambient light is paramount to a successful photograph.
Depending on the time of year, or weather, that sometimes means very early morning or late evening. I prefer to shoot when the natural light is best. That said, supplemental light is often required to balance the image. I will ensure the space is styled and lit to convey the mood into the shot.

Every project is different, please call for a quote. Whether it is one room or entire properties, each shoot will be planned and carefully executed to achieve outstanding images of your outstanding space.

“The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building”
Louis Kahn